Virgin tells Teekay of how she lost her virginity at a popular eatery in Lagos…

It all started in April when I met this guy at the AY Live Show at Eko Hotel and Suites. He accosted me on the red carpet and asked that we be together for the night and (considering that I was there alone) I agreed and that night I must admit was all hilarious and fun for me. He was so funny so aprt from the jokes at the event, he kept cracking me at the slightest chance. I think I even got wet at some point.
We exchanged numbers after the event and we kept in touch on phone until that fateful day when he asked us to hook up again. I hesitated a bit but given to his comical skills, I agreed and we fixed a date for the next day at Big Treat Ogba (I work at ikeja).
He was already waiting for me when I got there and that was so likeable (I like men that keep to time) so we got a table and went to order for food and drinks.
While we sat at the table and ate, he kept cracking me up and I was really laughing loud. At a point I even thought he was a comedian sef (he is supposed to be one gan). I got very wet down there while laughing so I decided to go use the restroom so I could clean up.
I took excuse and left for the restroom. When I got to the ladies, it was occupied so I decided to use the gents after waiting for about 5mins and none of the ladies came out.
When I was done, I opened the door to get out and guess who I saw at the door (yes you’re correct) my date and he pushed me back without saying a word and we started kissing and smooching. He was so firm and he smelt nice too (that’s a turn on for me too). His hands were all over me and I felt that rush (most ladies will understand) that you feel when you know a guy should just take you.
He made me hold the toilet seat and tried to penetrate and it was hard for him till I told him I was a virgin so we had to use the toilet soap as a lubricant (I don’t give heads). He f***ed me well and I tried so hard not to scream (I guess I did anyway) till I came and he did too.
By the time we were done and came out, they had cleared our table so we just went out straight (to our different offices).
I have had sex with him close to 10 times after that and most of them were in that same restroom where I lost my virginity.
Thanks Teekay

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