Lebanon Captures The Vulture Israel Uses To Spy On Them

This is the alleged Israeli ‘Spy Vulture’ captured near Bin Jbeil region in Southern Lebanon …it was later realized that the bird had merely been tagged by conservationists. Lebanese media reported that the vulture was captured and tied to a tree amid fears it was carrying spy equipment.



But it was later released when the device it was found to be carrying turned out to be a transmitter after the bird was introduced into the wild to boost dwindling numbers in the region. The transmitter worn by the vulture indicated that the vulture was observed in a Bint Jbail quarry, about 4 km. north of the Israeli border, the INPA said on Tuesday afternoon.

The vulture in question was released in the Gamla Nature Reserve about a month ago, after arriving to Israel on an Arkia flight from Catalonia in July 2015, the INPA explained. In bringing in the vulture from abroad, officials hoped to increase the population of what has become an endangered species throughout the Middle East in general, and particularly within Israel.

“In the 21st century we expect that people would understand that wild animals are not harmful and that their role is to act according to nature,” said Ohad Hatzofe, an avian ecologist for the INPA. “We hope that the Lebanese will take care of him and release him.”

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