Ladies: 5 Fashion Tips For Clubbing To Avoid Being Harassed

Clubbing in the night changes people. It is the time they go wild because they want to indulge. They do not really care about what they do as far they are enjoying themselves. This is one major reason why you should be conscious of the way you dress to the club.

But this not the case. We are less concerned about what we wear to night parties. And of course, in the club, you meet all sorts of people from the gentleman, to the tipsy, sexually aroused and the foul-mouthed amongst others.

Each one of them may be nice people during the day but in the night they are hawks searching for preys. You do not want to fall prey. This said it is no gainsaying to add that you may still be harassed if you appear to dress well. These fashion tips will only reduce your chances of getting harassed.

Wear something you are comfortable inImage result wey dey for fashion tips for clubs

It is important for you to wear in what you are comfortable in. For example, don’t wear dresses that won’t allow you to dance or that will keep you rooted to a spot as you cannot move around. You will just have a miserable night.

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