All known Boko Haram camps will be ‘TAKEN OUT’ in six weeks- NSA

Nigeria’s National Security Adviser, Mohammed Sambo Dasuki, says all known Boko Haram camps in Nigeria will be taken out within the six weeks so the country can have a safe election.

Dasuki said this while responding to a question from AFP on the gains of the postponement of the 2015 general elections by INEC

“All known Boko Haram camps will be taken out. They won’t be there. They will be dismantled” he said.

According to Mr Dasuki, the ongoing multinational task force launched against Boko Haram will work together to destroy all known camps of Boko Haram within the next six weeks. He said the new dates for the elections, March 28th and April 11th will not be shifted.

While speaking at the London think-tank Chatham House in Jan. 2015, the NSA chief had proposed a postponement of the general elections on grounds of insecurity in the North East as well as irregularities in the distribution of permanent voters card.


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