Kiss Daniel Or Adekunle Gold… #rants

Alright, its just a rant. Recently I’ve been obsessed with Kiss Daniel and his music lyrics. My nigga will say “Lo tori mi je gbese”! Haba, which girl will not want to hear that one? For those who don’t understand Yoruba it means, buy anything, anything at all that you want, i’ll pay. No matter how expensive oh.

But uncle Adekunle Gold, Mr broke lover. “A le ma ni ile lori, a le ma lowo lowo, orente no dey complain”. Why wont I complain? because I love you I should be sleeping in the rain? abi what sort of ill-luck love is that one? You, aunty orente, be there oh, when your broke lover sees another orente, but this one is a go-getter, working class babe, peruvian, brazillian hair orente, 250 thousand naira monthly salary collecting orente, thats when you’ll know that you need finance to run romance.
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The way he will leave you will be faster than the speed of light. Thats when he will know that your skin is too dry or “I love her, she’s just not the one”. When you were eating garri and groundnut without sugar, he didn’t know you were not the one oh, when you were sneaking into his hostel and disguising as a male and sleeping over in boys’ hostel just to be a proper orente, he will not know oh. When you were giving him your monthly allowance, sharing it 50-50, his brain will skip that part because a higher orente has come.

But you see, love like Kiss Daniel’s, you wont have to worry about complaining sef, let alone staying homeless. Imagine if at 21, he’s asking you to je gbese in is name, what will he say when he’s 30?
Not only that, look at Kiss Daniel na? All that hotness, swaaaag and sexiness in one small boy, plus he’s a rich lover gan. If dis kain boy leave you, at least you will go to ATM, withdraw and use the money to wipe off your tears. This kain break-up, people wont hear about it, because he has tushed you up sotey you cant take to the street and be fighting.

But if Adekunle Gold leaves you, you will fight tear pant. You will remove your pant and wear it on your head just to fight. You’ve kuku been homeless before, so no difference if you fight on the street, its already your home. Boys like that leave you with a bad weave, low bank account, and a fucked up mentality.
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Uncle Adekunle Gold, I’m not surprised Aunty Sade doesn’t want to marry you, broke ass!





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