Job Opportunities For A Language Student

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Please, what are the career opportunities available to someone who studied a local language in the University? Say: Yoruba, or Igbo, or Hausa?


There are so many career opportunities available to people who studied a local language (Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa) and they are:

  • Language Teacher: You could land a teaching job in one of the private schools.
  • Embassies and High Commission: These parastatals need interpreters for their citizens and especially ambassadors.
  • Interpreter: You could be an interpreter for worldwide event or program.
  • Human Resources: If you also add a certificate in HR, you can work with any of the multinationals as a Human Resource Personnel
  • Receptionist: Most companies employ multi-lingual peeps as their receptionists
  • Customer Care: Companies that relate directly with customers or clients almost always employ multi-linguals to work as their customer care representatives

The above list is just a few of the opportunities available for language students

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