Jaden Smith launches new “God-inspired” fashion line “666”

Jaden Smith and his sister,Willow Smith, are known for pushing the boundaries and creating controversies, and Jaden seems to have done just that with his new fashion line ‘666’.

2015-03-03_150918In an interesting interview, Will Smith‘s son claims to be a prophet and that God inspired the new clothing line; “God exists in all things that surround the fire that burns in the sky. She is responsible for all spontaneous ideas. In fact, 666 is not an evil number. This number is actually three part and represents the six angels that descended from the six Heavens, who are searching for the six prophets who are meant to lead the masses. Each prophet will be the exalted leader of that heaven. I have been chosen by one of those angels as one of those prophets. This line is not just clothing. Clothing is meant to cover, while 666 is meant to transform. To wear these clothes is to seek protection from the ills of the world and to pledge allegiance to my Heaven.”

Jaden  also revealed that the line will feature non-traditional clothing for men to include tunics, dresses, long shirts, leather, and more.

The promo shot for the fashion line is already creating a lot of controversial buzz as it features Jaden with 666 imprinted on his forehead, he also claims to be an angel, hence, the pair of wings present in this shot.

What do you think about this? Will you be wearing his clothing line?

Check out the controversial promo shot and a picture of one of his ‘666’ clothes above.

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  1. I luv Jaden,n watched him grow 2 dis stage……buh 666?????? C’mon boy! Dats nt like it!nt cool @ all

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