Is today your last day?

Question (Anonymous):
You are doing a very good job on your blog, I am really proud of you.
Now to my questions:
     1. Kindly expatiate on your saying that “Live like today is the last and save like you would live forever”. I actually heard it from you so I don’t really know if you got it somewhere but people need to have a deeper understanding of what life is all about.
2         2.  I know you are not married yet but what is your advice to married men who are stingy to their immediate families but extremely open to outsiders and extended family?
3         3.  Do you think a Father should be close to his daughter? Why?
4            4.  In your own opinion, at what age should a child start school?
WHEW… These are really real-life questions but I trust that with the little knowledge God has given me, I would be able to do justice. So let’s go there…
“   LIVE LIKE TODAY IS YOUR LAST AND SAVE LIKE YOU WILL LIVE FOREVER” is actually a saying that allows you to be prepared for death at any time “T”. Moving on, I am going to explain what that saying means by first giving an illustration:
“I was on my way home from the office on one faithful day and the desire for sharwama came unto me (like the way desire to ease yourself comes after waking up) and I didn’t think twice before approaching the sharwama stand. The funny thing about this story is that I only had 2k on me for the week and sharwama costs 1k (with one hot dog) and 1k2 (with 2 hotdogs) (PH is freaking expensive) and it was a Tuesday.
If you follow the above story well, I had only 2k, bought sharwama for 1k and it was a Tuesday. The idea is I thought “what if I don’t wake up tomorrow”, will I take the 2k with me to heaven? (YES am going to heaven) and the other thought was “when last did I desire sharwama like this and when next will this desire come up”?
Considering the above questions, I went ahead and lived in the moment and bought the sharwama damning all consequences (i.e. I had to drink garri for a few days to balance back my 1k for the sharwama).
The bottom line is, I had my sharwama when I wanted to.
So my dear questioner, the saying simply means “do what you have to do when you have to do what you have to do”
Most things we regret from our past are things we did not do and not the things we did wrong, so JUST DO IT because the future will remind you.
NB: Today is the FIRST day of the month (December) but for some people (according to facts) it is their LAST day (death).
I will answer the next question in my next post. Kindly share your opinions in the comment section.



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