Is there hope for Peter and Paul outside of PSQUARE?

I hope PSQUARE is aware that we love them as PSQUARE and they will NOT make it as PETER and PAUL? It’s better they stop singing if they are not together. They are kuku not that good before but like the saying goes, “two heads are better than one” (minus times minus = Plus)
So a few weeks ago, they all started drying their dirty linen in the sun when Peter came out on twitter to expose issues between psquare and their management (Jude Okoye). If you missed it, read here
It is sad to see this happening but as much as I sympathize with them, I must also reiterate that I don’t think Peter and Paul would have a life outside of PSQUARE.
The thought of even listening to them individually stinks and of course one can conclude that they’d always helped each other balance equation in other aspects like Peter can dance but Paul is a bit of a lyricist (see their videos and lyrics)
They need to understand that there is NO relationship that is perfect and you can never see the scars on a mans laps as long as he is wearing clothes.
I advise them to put their differences in the trash can and work TOGETHER with what they have.
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