In an interview with Teekay, Mr Williams explains his ordeal

Me: Hey handsome *giggles* Oga you look good oh.

Williams: *smiles* thanks dear, how are you doing?

Me: I’m alright dear, doing well, you?

Williams: I’m coping, I’m coping mehn!

Me: hehehe is it economy that’s making you cope? abi weather, abi which one oh?

Williams: Nothing close to economy ma, its just my emotional life that’s wrecking Me.

Me: Wow, sorry for the heartbreak dear.

Williams: This is way more than a heartbreak, this is something else, there are no words for it.

Me: oh! do you want to share? i Mean tell Me about it, who knows you just might be helping someone out there, you know?

Williams: *sighs* of course dear, i will. I mean I’m supposed to be married by now but that’s what you get for having a deranged father and a mentally unbalanced fiancé.

Me: wow, i just hope it is not what I’m thinking though….*shocked face*

Williams: well, I’m not sure of what you’re thinking mehn, I’m just not even sure of anything right now, I’m depressed beyond the borders of this world.

Tito and I been dating since year 2, and I learnt how not to live without her, i didn’t want to, i didn’t even want to know if there was any other person asides her who could make me feel better than she did, i didn’t want to ever imagine that one day we wouldn’t be together again, i didn’t or never wanted to imagine that I’ll look at my life and there’ll be no Tito, I could leave anything I was doing to go help her out if she needed me, she was the light bulb in my world, she was the warmth I had in my wintery life, she came and calmed so many things, I mean…..*sobs quietly*

Me: my Gawd! I’m so sorry Williams, I’m so very sorry, i don’t know what else to do please don’t cry, please.

Williams: *wipes tears* thanks *smiles sadly* I did love her so much, so much, i doubt if people still loved the way I loved her. So we got through the university and went for service still together, our plan was after service, we’d get married 2years later, and it was all settled, we loved each other to a fault, but all these while Tito had never met my parents.

So 2years later, when it was time for me to take in my girl, my heartbeat, my soulmate, the normal procedures took place, and then I told her I wanted to take her to my parents just for her to see them you know, and for them to get to know her and stuff, so we fixed a Saturday and yes I did take her there.

My mother already saw us from the veranda and was already praising me, she came downstairs to hug me, and I told her who Tito was, she smiled mildly at Tito, blessed her and escorted us upstairs to the living room.

We were sitting there and I asked maami that where was my dad, she said he was in the bedroom that she was going to bring him out, ‘mi mo nkan to man se ninu iyara yen, afi Ko de Oju mo inu ile, o ga oh’‎… I just laughed mildly, imagining how strong their love had been and how mine was going to be that good, not knowing my father himself had been possessed!

Me: Please dear, he’s still your father, please, let whatever hurt that’s filling you go, please.

Williams: let go? I’m not even through with my story yet, you don’t know what he did, some sins are just unforgivable.‎ So he came out laughing with his wife and the moment he saw Tito, and she did see him, at that moment, it was as if Tito was in a state of shock, and my father was so shocked I saw the expression.

I asked ‘ahn ahn, se e mo ara yin tele tele ni’‎? My father quickly composed and asked me what I meant by that? that isn’t this the first time he was seeing her and that he doesn’t even know who she is yet to me though *smiling sarcastically*

I then relaxed a little, smiled and told him she was my wife to be, and I just came to introduce her to them, he called her to the seat next to his laid his hand on her and was blessing her, all these while I was watching Tito, she had lost all her sense of balancing, she wasn’t alright anymore and I could only wonder what it was exactly that was bothering her.

When we left my parent’s place, i asked if everything was okay, and she said yes. All went well, you know, I mean the wedding preparations were going on well, and I noticed nothing, i just knew sometimes Tito would be gone for a long while and I would ask when she got back she would say she went on wedding shopping, i never bothered to question her deeply, i trusted her foolishly.

Me: *sighs* I’m so sorry dear, so what happened next?

Williams: Yeah, so two days to the wedding day, i got to my parent’s house all exhausted you know, wanted to see my mother and ask if everything was on ground for the wedding that I needed everything in place. I knocked nobody answered, knocked for close to 16minutes which had never happened before, finally my father came out just wrapped up in towel, i greeted him and asked why he didn’t come for the door earlier that I had been knocking….

He said nothing that he had been in the shower, asked me what I wanted right at the door, i was forced to laugh that baami, how’d you be asking me what I want at the doorpost, please let me enter first now? and as I was walking in, I was asking of my mother at the same time. Immediately I walked into the living room, i perceived Tito’s cologne, it startled me, I wondered who could have gotten Tito’s cologne in the house, definitely not my mother…..i was already unbalanced, million things running through my head, by then my father was asking what was wrong already, i said nothing, nothing at all, was trying to brush it off, walking to the living room, the cologne became stronger, i traced it into my father’s room and found Tito getting dressed, just in her Pink bra and jean trousers, makeup all done, and her shoes worn half way. That picture didn’t look to me like she came to work, or clean the house, or wash for them or any of its sorts, it looked like she just slept with my father….. I looked around for my father in rage, and I couldn’t find him……went into the room and grabbed Tito to slap her, but Alas she was crying and shocked! I almost lost her as when she saw me she wanted to just drop to the floor and faint, I held her put her on the bed and I couldn’t even wipe the tears, i was torn apart already, destroyed by the one person I gave the power to and trusted not to do it, I wanted to hit her head on the wall, to throw her around the room and make her wound, i wanted to shred her beautiful flawless skin, i wanted to rip her apart, but sometimes, you underestimate the love you have for someone, trust me, you just do.

So to cut the long story short, i made up my mind to leave her at the altar, cause I couldn’t sleep with someone that was sleeping with my father, no, i couldn’t.

On the wedding day, I got to the altar with her, and when the question of ‘do you take her to be your beloved wife came up’, i said. No! The whole church scattered but I didn’t care, it was my decision to make, she fainted, and I didn’t care. My useless father just stood up from his seat and walked out.

Me: eh? na wa oh! some fathers ehn?

Williams: like after 2months of living through not being with her, i started coping, and I got a text from her that she needed to see me, kept ignoring her texts and calls but I’m not sure of how this one got to me, so I invited her over to my apartment.

She came and asked for forgiveness, said she knows what she did was the height and she was sorry, that she didn’t know how to explain things to me.

She said in her year 1,she followed one sugar daddy that turned out to be my father, and the man would give her money and she would give him sex that it was just the way it was, and for a whole semester it was like that!

Me: wow so he was cheating on your mum too!

Williams: I said someone is a demon you’re here asking me that. So she said at the beginning of the second semester of year 1 she told him she wasn’t interested anymore. And he called her, begged her and all sorts, but she refused, that she was‎ too young for that sort of thing.

Then when he saw her that day, he was shocked and happy also, that he had gotten her back, she said she didn’t know how to narrate everything to me, that’s why things went the way they went.

She said after that day, he kept calling her and asking her to see him that if she didn’t, he was going to tell me everything both of them had as an affair.

She said out of fear she did see him, she didn’t want to lose me, she didn’t want to lose something she had been nurturing since her university days, she couldn’t afford it, and out of the same threat laid with him.

She explained all but I didn’t care, i felt if she loved me enough, she would have told me about it, and we would have worked something out other than that nonsense she gave as an excuse, its already 7months and 2weeks though, and I’m living through it, trust me it’s not easy, i mean someone you’ve made the keeper of your heart, that knows how your heart functions and all of a sudden you just sack them, first your heart begins to malfunction and the other organs it’s controlling, but hey, I’ve learnt to be the boss of it, it listens to me now….

Me: abi now? I’m so sorry dear, I’m really sorry about the whole issue. i just hope you are fine now and will move on with your life.

Williams: ah! see this beautiful young woman, of course yes, I’m alright, I’ve moved on sef, but not with any woman yet, and as I’m seeing it *checks me out* you just might be the one oh!

Me: hahahahah, ha! oga don’t do that one oh! Ha, me I have olowo ori oh!

(both laugh hard together)

Williams: So dear, that’s how it happened sha, we still talk though, i mean I understood her perfectly, i just couldn’t do it anymore.

Me: ehn, what about your father?

Williams: To be honest I don’t think I have a father anymore*smiles* I hear of men disowning their children, this time, it’s me that’s disowning my father oh!*smiles*

Me: eeya, pele dear, it is well, how about your mum?

Williams: My mum moved out of his house and said she couldn’t live with someone as deadly as that. That he could wake up one day, and stab her,*laughs hard*.

Me: Wow, must be really hard on all of you, I’m sorry dear, so sorry. Ehn, Please oh, i don’t mean to be a vulture, you know, picking on pieces of your broken heart and relationship, i just want you to share out a piece of advice to the people out there, least we know you won’t be the only one going through this kind of situation, so please help those out there, who aren’t as strong as you are, help them get through this too.

Williams: *sighs deeply* well people, there is no easier way to go through this pain, this I’m telling you wholeheartedly! You have to give in to the pain, you have to let it engulf you, then at a point, it will break, just like fever, mind not anybody who says you shouldn’t think of it, the more you trick yourself out of thinking of it, the more devastated you become. Think of it, let it overshadow you, think of the good person that individual was, and ease your soul with it, time heals everything, so with time, you will be over this obstacle too.

And to all those in a happy relationship, be watchful, very watchful, let there be absence of any loopholes or its kind in your relationship, tell each other things, both past, present and even what you have for each other in the future. Let there be a flow of friendship and happiness and nothing by any means, will have a chance at your relationship.

Me:*claps* thank you very much Mr. Williams I really do appreciate this, thank you very much dear, God bless you.

Williams: *smiles* Amen thanks dear, it’s my pleasure.

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