In an Interview with Teekay, Alex tells his scariest taboo secret…

Me: Hello dear,how are you doing?

Alex: I’m good thank you.

Me: how is life treating you?

Alex: Err, very well, i mean I’m coping with the life decisions I’ve made.

Me: You want to share them with me?

Alex: As hard as it is, i really think I could use a little help from sharing it, a problem shared is a problem half solved, isn’t it?

Me: Yes of course,sure It is .So, Alex tell me about what it is that’s bothering you.

Alex:I have a little sister, who I love so much,but I’ve destroyed completely .My parents were never around,travelling from Canada to South Africa to the United States. From one place to another in the name of making money,never caring of how much of their love we needed,at least I needed.

Their love could have stopped a lot of things,a whole lot of things I mean.

At age 11,i started have some kind of funny feelings due to the movies I see .I wanted to try out some of the acts I found on TV and unfortunately the only opportunity I got was on my immediate younger sister. I would get her to come over to my room by telling her I got her a new doll,or candy or something attractive. She would come over and i’ll start licking her nipples,fondling her clitoris, and kissing her, at first she kept complaining that she didn’t like it, but as time went on, she started liking it.

That was when she was 9 years old. This act went on for like 8 years, when i’d keep sleeping with my sister, we were having sex, i disvirgined her. She had a special kind of love for me, she was attached. My parents noticed it but felt it was just the normal kind of love you find among siblings.

When I was 20, she was 18, she would come to my room at the middle of the night wanting us to have sex, and at that time I was becoming sober, i begged her to please let it stop, but whenever I tried to stop her, she’ll threaten me that she would report me to our parents, she would tell them everything, and I mean everything, right from the beginning.

I didn’t want that to happen, i never wanted to break their heart, i never wanted them to know about the whole affair, i did it, again, again and again!

The straw that broke the camel’s back was the ‎day we were in the act on one unfortunate day,one evening, we thought our parents had been long gone, i mean thought they traveled, but alas, they were back in the house, I think they forgot something, on picking it, they must have searched the whole house for us, just to probably bid us bye for the second time, and alas,they both opened the door we carelessly left open and saw us in the act!

Me: Wow! Wow! Wow!i don’t even want to imagine what their reaction was.

Alex: Yes,of course it’s not something to ever be imagined! Our mother slumped! Our father was confused and didn’t know whether to call for the doctor as regards my mother or to cry, or to get a gun and shoot me, or to slump or something!

He was devastated! He was confused! I wish I never did it! I wish I never started it at all! I wish I never did that to them.

Me: What was your sister’s reaction?

Alex: Her? Well to be quite honest I’m not really sure I care about her feelings, but yeah I saw her reaction, she must have wanted death at that moment. She must have wanted the ground to open and swallow her.(laughs).

Me: Wow! I’m sorry about it though!

Alex: Yeah it’s no problem, it’s in the past now! We got an ambulance for my mother, she got well. But said she will never forgive me for the act. I understand this quite well, i would be surprised if she did forgive me for defiling her daughter‎.

My father hasn’t spoken to me ever since then and now I’m 32 years old, we haven’t seen or spoken or anything. I miss him so much, so much, but some things are just unforgivable.

Me: i’m so sorry to hear this, how about your sister? how  is she now?

Alex: She has forgiven herself and moved on, she’s married now with 4 children, 2 sets of twins! I’m so happy for her,i’m happy I didn’t ruin her finally, i’m happy she got to arrange her life back again!

Me: is she in contact with your parents?

Alex: Yes of course, after quite a long time though, yes of course, they forgave her, accepted her back.

Me: Everything will be alright,you will be fine, we all make certain decisions in our life we’re not proud of, but it only makes us stronger and able to advice the world against it.

Me: Do you have any advice for the world?

Alex: Yes of course. First to our beloved parents or parents to be, stay with your children, they need your love and attention, they need your support and also your care.‎ Don’t put your career or money making over them. Stay with them, support them and care for them, in order to avoid certain evil behaviors or acts.

Finally to my beloved ladies and gentlemen, stay away from incest, the price is very high and it’s an unforgivable sin. Stay away from your siblings, care for them with agape love, if you’re the older one, protect the younger ones, and desist from every bad act, i think that will be all.( smiles).

Me: Thank you very much Alex I really do appreciate you sharing this with me, a lot of people would rather keep it to themselves, but I do appreciate the effort you have put into letting this lesson out and also your advice, you just might not know but you have helped a lot of people. Thank you very much dear and I do hope that your parents someday welcome you back.

Alex: yeah, thanks dear.

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