Interview: Damola tells Teekay of her sexcapades with a married man


Me: Hello hun, how have you been?

Damola: Fine thanks, you?

Me: Very well, thanks dear. How do you feel about this interview?

Damola: *smiles* well, I feel quite indifferent to be honest, cause I’ve never done anything like this before.

Me: Awww, it’s okay, I’m just here to hear you talk to me, teach us, I mean the general public, help us learn from you and all.

Damola: *giggles* okay okay, its alright.

Well, I just want to get this off my mind, I used to be a miserable lonely spinster, but I loved it.

I mean I was miserable, but somehow, it was fun.

I had issues with taking orders from men so I decided, f**k it, I’d just do me and stay alone.

Am I flowing?

Me: yes yes, of course.

Damola: so, where I stayed, I mean the compound, a newly wedded couple just moved in,‎ and guess who it was? The man I dated for 4 years only for him to travel out and forget I existed.

Our eyes met while he and his wife were coming down the stairs and he almost tripped while starring, obviously I had gotten fatter around the waist area, you know? *tongue out*

Me: hahahah, stand up let me see oh!

Damola: *stands up, turns around*

Me: Ha, he only tripped? He didn’t break his leg? Chai!

Damola!: *laughs* my dear, I’m telling you! The wife almost noticed the connection, but oh well, dumb ass sh*t, pardon me!

I thought and thought of ways to get back into his life, I wanted him back! I wanted his soul, his body, everything of his!

I even had sleepless nights plotting to ruin his marriage.

Finally, I had a plan!

I made friends with his stupid wife! It wasn’t a easy task but I was determined.

I had to stalk her, her salon, where she shops, where she works, so I can flow and just lie to her that we like the same things.

This was going on so well, I mean so so well.

She started inviting me into her home for dinner, and then, she just handed me what I had been stressing and working for, for 4 and a half months which is, access to my man, technically, our man.

Boye was acting naive all d while, like he didn’t know me and stuff and I didn’t push it, least I wasn’t ready for him yet.

I had stalked her so much that I now knew their daily routine, so I plotted!

On this day, I decided to go over to their flat, knowing fully well, the wife was out to her super mart, and Boye was home on leave. I scattered my wardrobe ehn?

You know now? just to make him remember old times, I took my time to find the perfect outfit.

I finally found my pink short papaya gown, long sleeve, very tight and stretchy.

Made sure I waxed off my leg and pubic part to look and feel good.

I got to their flat and knocked.

He answered the door, and told me his wife wasn’t around but I pushed my way in while he tried to force the message into my ear.

Then I took his hands and put them on my a** and asked “don’t you miss it? its not like you left it again, its bigger, softer and rounder”.

He held it for some minutes and let go while begging me to go.

I grabbed both my b**bs and started squeezing them, telling him I wanted him and i’ll do anything.

At this stage, he was weak, very weak.

I took out the right breast and started licking my n*pple.

Suddenly he slammed the door, and dragged me by my hair to the room, I didn’t mind, so far as I was getting the body I once had.

He f**ked me fam, he f**ked my brains out!

*laughs loud*

Damn fam, he did!

While he was Fucking me, he was shouting into my ear, “is this what you want whore?”

And I answered “this is just a part, I want all of you”

He slammed my a*s, f%#@ed me, slapped me, squeezed sh*t out of my b*obs, he practically treated me like a whore.

After, I left for my flat,feeling somewhat accomplished, even though I was so sore, I still felt good!

While still reminiscing on the good sex……His wife…


…To be continued…





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