Interview (Concluding Part): Damola tells Teekay of her sexcapades with a married man

This is the concluding part of the interview with Damola telling Teekay of her sexcapades… Read Part 1 and part 2


…We kept on seeing, and the whole sneaky relationship continued, but me being who I am, I wanted more!


And yes, i was going to get it.

I told him to kick his wife out for me, but he said no.

And you know I made friends with her already?


Me: hmmm, pls go on.


Damola: So I started framing up some lies against her. Many atimes, he would spark, and say “no, she wont do that, I know who I married” and I would shout back at him “don’t be fooled! people change!”

All these while his wife would still come over to my apartment and we would talk, gist, laugh and all, but that was my alter-ego, my main personality wanted her out of the way!

I was desperate, so desperate! so obsessed with something that seemed so impossible.

I told myself, why do you want him this bad? You already have him? And some part of me will answer, “not totally”, and on hearing that, I forged on, forcefully!


Me: This is like the most shocking news I’ve ever heard!


Damola: ehn, means you haven’t heard much niyen *shrugs and flips hair to the back* as I was saying…

So I kept on telling him of this guy that his wife was sleeping with and meanwhile, he had been telling me that these days, his wife comes back tired and they aren’t able to get intimate, so I took the opportunity, and used it against her.

I told him that’s why she’s been getting tired.

That she gets satisfied before getting home.


Me: *deep sigh* please continue.


Damola: I got tired of sleeping alone, it was time to move in, so I took the final action!

His  3 months leave was over by then so he resumed at work.

Even with that, we still found time to commit our atrocities, you know? *winks*


Me: *straight face*


Damola: ‎so I planned it all out! Hired some random guy, made him stay in a room at my place while I trained him for 4 days on how what I wanted him to do was urgent…..highly important, and he musn’t flop.

After all that, I moved on to his wife, invited her for lunch, but I knew she wouldn’t be able to make it till evening, so I planned it as an evening stuff.

As planned, I got her drunk, slightly, didn’t stop there, I drugged her to make sure it was perfect!

I’m not sorry though, she took what was mine!


Me: *Shocked face*


Damola: So, moment I saw she was asleep, I called the guy out, carried her to her flat, and right there on her bed, he fucked her and I took the pictures while he did.

He touched every damn corner of Boye’s lovely wife’s body.

He assassinated her dignity!

I was in love with the moment.

But what I didn’t know was that, Boye was going to be home early…

I didn’t know, I didnt.

So, while I was laughing, and the hired guy was busy enjoying another man’s property, Boye walked into the room!


Me: This only just got interesting.


Damola: I was terrified, shocked, dizzy any other word to use.

I knelt down, begged him, that it wasn’t what he was thinking, all this while the other retarded hired guy, was still Fucking his wife and was asking me “Madam, is he going to do too? Please lemme finish my turn oh”!

If only he didn’t say anything, this scar on my left cheek won’t be there *removing hair from face and showing me*


Me: Wow! That’s quite much.


Damola: hahaha what have you seen? that was only just the beginning. I thought Boye loved me, I thought he would understand, at this time, the hired guy had realized who Boye was and was trying to play smart, by acting like a garage tout, and pouring the blame on me.

“Ha, no vex oh, na dis madam hire me come, say make I service your wife small, and while he was talking wanted to escape, that was all I remembered.

I blacked out, and woke up behind bars.

I was at the police station, when I opened my eyes, I was mad, how dare‎ he bring me here?

Didn’t he know I was doing it for us both?

For us to be together?

Didn’t he want me?

But I wanted him, I wanted him so bad…

These thoughts hurt me so much I burst into tears…

I was sent to jail for 4 years you know?

And when I was going in, I begged him to come check on me, to write me letters, that he was still mine, and his damn wife was just enjoying for the main time

That I was coming back for what was mine!!!

I screamed in court! i yelled!

I was almost taken for a psychiatric patient!

But I didn’t mind, I just wanted Boye!


Me: Wow! So you were sent to jail?


Damola: *laughs scornfully* yes I was sent to jail, but I don’t regard it as being sent to jail but as fighting for what I want. But guess what, I still went back there, to that compound, to find out how Boye was fairing, and I discovered that his wife had bore him a baby boy‎, but it’s ok, every picture can be edited. The bastard and his mother could be blurred outta the picture.


Me: *shocked expression* but I think you should calm down, this is too much. Do you want to serve another term for the same offence?‎


Damola: *angry*‎ Don’t talk to me like that, just because you can’t fight for what you want, doesn’t mean everybody cant


Me: I’m sorry dear, I didn’t mean to be judgmental


Damola:  ‎It’s ok *flips hair to the back* It’s ok. So I’m still fighting, Boye must be mine. he must be mine, MINE is what I said. I don’t care how far I go.


Me: Obviously, there is no lesson to be learnt in this story, it is…..*Damola Cuts In*


Damola: *extremely angry* Is this what you do here? You ask people to come share their stories and pass judgments on them? I see…oh I see!


Me: I’m very very sorry, sweetie, I’m extremely sorry. On behalf of my crew, I’m very sorry, very very sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you in anyway, I was going to say something else but you interpreted it wrongly.


Damola: it’s okay, it’s okay.


Me: This is Damola’s confession, and there’s a lesson here* straight face* please fight for what you want oh, but don’t be a psycho!


Damola: na you sabi.


Me: Thanks for this, thanks dear, and I wish you best of luck in the chase.


Damola: yeah, thanks.


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