Bisola opens up to Teekay in an exclusive interview…

Me: hello dear, how have you been? And how has the weather been treating you?

Bisola: Fine, *laughs* well the weather has been something else but we all have our sweaters right? And for those who still find delight in having sex could use one or two rounds,*laughs*

Me: *smiles* what do you Mean by “those who still find delight in having sex”? It sounds funny, or is it strange I should say?*smiles*

Bisola: Yes of course, i have been through too much to be having sex, maybe I’m on a recess now, or maybe I just may never have it again, not too sure for now, but I just want to be.

Me: oh! Honey I’m so sorry though, i don’t know what this is about, but i’ll really love to hear about it, not for any other cause but for others to learn from it, you know? or what do you think?

Bisola: Yes of course, for others to learn from the mistakes I made *smiles sadly*. Well i’ll tell you.

Me: Please before you go on, just know if at all I have to publish your story i’ll change names to protect your privacy dear.

Bisola: *smiles* thanks dear. Yeeeaahhh,*giggles* there’s no one that can’t change though. Back during my University days, I was THE sh*t! I would travel with my friends to Abuja, Port-harcourt, Calabar Meeting rich Men, sugar daddies; i was enjoying life, or at least I thought I was….heheheh

So, i would tell them before I got there that for a night, they’d offer Me 70k,and I’d show them what heaven really looked like, i would touch them in places where their wives won’t, i would make them feel like they wanted no other, you know all those words now babe?

Me: *laughs hard* yeah yeah I’m getting you.

Bisola: So after giving them a brief of what they would get from me, i would send my account number, they’d pay half of the money into it, and when I’m through with the job, they’ll pay me fully.

Sometimes, if the client was mine, i’ll bring along a younger girl, there were secondary schools close to my university then, i’d go there, look for all those bad hot girls, take them in, mentor them, sometimes I have sex with them, i’d give them things. The younger girl would go with me and we’ll give the man heaven on earth!

Me: Like a bisexual show?

Bisola: Yeah Yeah something like that, a threesome!

But the money would be more expensive if I brought another girl, a younger and fresher one at that, would be like 70k extra! And after the business, we always had our means of transportation, provided already by the men.

I would give the girl like 15k which would seem like 1million to her to shop for things just to get fresher and not find another means of making money.

Me: Wow! And you felt good about all that? I don’t mean to be judgmental oh! Heheh I’m just trying to get the full picture of the story.

Bisola: perfect feeling! I was making money and making other people happy, i mean I was servicing men and also helping girls make money legit or illegit, money na money abegg!

Me: heheheh na so, please continue.

Bisola: ehn ehn, so sha, It continued like that and I was even awarded most sophisticated babe on campus! mehn, i was THE sh*t! I had control, i had big men to press buttons for me at the top, i had everything at my beck and call. Little or nothing could stop me, girls called me ‘Mama’, i was the damn sh*t!

Girls would beg and even pay me to hook them up with sugar daddies, the higher they paid, the richer the man was.

Old men knew I was pleasure! They knew how much pleasure I could give. If they called me and told me they needed a babe, i’d tell them to be calm, send pictures of the babes available, after they see the face, they’ll request for the nudes, i’ll send again to them, they paid me for all these too.

Me: Wow! Just Wow! Girls do all these?

Bisola: Ma lo go oh! All these girls wearing expensive outfits, wey dem nor dey wear one cloth twice, dem nor dey use small fones, their papa na president? or vice president? or shey their papa even dey house of rep ni? Open yar eyes oh babe! *laughs hard*

Me: Of course I know all these, just didn’t know it was that bad, or they were this desperate.

Bisola: so sha, all was going well, and I mean all always goes well until one day when nemesis catches up with you, it just always catches up, you can’t avoid it, its not possible, it has never happened!

I knew what I was doing, i had already gone through 8 abortions which I wasn’t even sober about, i didn’t care, at all. I had a special doctor to whom I gave any of my girls who got pregnant to get it out.

I was ruthless, i had boys I paid to beat up or rape any girl that defied me. I was mean! I was a Boss!

So on this day, a man called me said he needed a babe as usual. The normal procedures took place, facials and nudes all sent!

He sent me the money and I alerted her that there was business in the next two days and she should prepare herself, you know the creams, freshners, vaginal tighteners and all sha, which she did.

She left off for Abuja to meet the man, and all that time I already left her to take care of her own business!

She did arrive from Abuja two days later, and she was back all happy and all, i was forced to ask what was making her happy, she said Chief gave her 530,000 naira!

I was shocked! Shocked that me sef wey be agent no get dah kain money, i sha faked happiness.

When she left I called chief that what sort of rubbish? how’d he give her that amount and just keep me on the mediocre level? He only smiled and apologized lightly, little did I know that the girl was ruined already!

Me: Ruined? ruined how?

Bisola: Chill now? This matter nor be joke oh wen e start! Sha the babe was flexing and all until after one week, her friends called me. “Ha, mama! We don’t know what’s wrong with Tife oh, she’s been acting All strange, she looks pale and her hair is falling off”!

Funny enough, i wasn’t into any sort ‎of jazz even Jesus sef I nor sabi call, i was just doing my thing!

So I went for the babe, went to check on her, got her to the hospital as fast as I could, and got her admitted.

I went to the Doctor’s office as invited by him cause he thought I was her elder sister because of the way the other girls were respecting me, he said he didn’t know what was wrong with her, and they couldn’t diagnose what exactly it was that was the illness!

I left the doctor’s office shocked, I went straight into the ward she was admitted into, saw her there, lying half dead! i asked her few questions, like who the last person was that she slept with, she told me it was the Chief she went to meet in Abuja, i asked her what exactly transpired between them, she told me when she got there, that the Chief told her he didn’t like having sex on a colored bed spread and brought out a white one, and also told her he got a scarf for his daughter in the U.K and that he was travelling soon so he’d give it to her that she loved all these Nigerian materials and stuffs and that she should please tie it so he’ll see the beauty so she did, and after all that they had sex but before, he told her to give him a blowjob which she did and he did Cum in her mouth and told her to swallow it that that was the ecstacy in it, and she said she did!

Me: wow! wow!

Bisola: I wanted to sink into the ground! Immediately I picked up my phone and called Chief, but his number was unavailable, i guess he left for U.K already, knowing that the cat would soon be let out of the bag! I wept! I wept heavily! i didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want her to see me cry so I left the ward!

After bracing up, i decided to go back into the ward and brace her up, tell her to be strong that everything would be alright, as I got in, i saw her lay there, lifeless! cold! grey!

I tapped her times without number, called out “Tife” “Tife” as many times as possible, i screamed! the nurses rushed in, did their thing but figured she was dead!

That day I saw someone I loved so much leave me!

I screamed! i was devastated!

Me: wow! I’m so sorry about her loss though, really sorry! So how did you get through it?

Bisola: Yeah *smiling sadly* well, i did get through it! First I changed my line, moved into a new apartment, told off all those girls I was controlling/giving out, told them to go get new lives and learn from Tife’s experience!

Me: Wow! This is what I’m always hammering on to my girlfriends (friends that are female oh). Guys mostly have nufn to offer…

Bisola: Yes oh! Nothing at all! From that Tife’s experience, i learnt a lot and it changed me! I stopped every form of prostitution I was into, i mean it could have been me you know? i was grateful to God, not that I’m happy it was her or anything I’m just really glad that some things are the way they are for better things you know for people to change, for a larger population of people to know what is going on! I’m glad I’m getting this opportunity to let people know about this though.

Me: So what’s your advice to the females out there?

Bisola: Young and beautiful ladies, be contented with what you get from home, be it peanuts, or cowries be contented! Don’t let anyone kill you before your time, you’re expected to fulfil a lot, don’t let anyone cut down your lifespan, if you think what you’re getting from home is not enough, start business, it doesn’t kill, sell stuffs, you will make profits, don’t be on about the life of all those so called big girls on campus I’ve been there before, it doesn’t pay at all! At all my dears, at all!

Apart from the fact that you might get a short life span, you might even get some horrible diseases! So just live your life the content way, and you will see how prosperous you will be! Shikena oh! hehehe

Me: awww! I’m really happy that you decided to share your experience with me Bisola, thank you very much for enlightening us! Don’t worry, your story is safe with me, if it will be published at all, i will change certain names and certain locations to protect the not-so-innocent *sarcastic face*

Bisola: Na una sabi oh, heheh! Thanks dear!

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