Interview: I Always Have Unprotected Sex With My Neighbor And My Husband Doesn’t Know – Tiffany

Me: Hello dear, how are you doing?

Tiffany: I’m alright dear, I’m doing fine, the pregnant woman way…*laughs mildly*

Me: of course dear, i see you are heavy, safe delivery hun, your husband must be really happy.

Tiffany: *smile turns into sad face* I’m confused dear, really confused, I’m mad at myself for doing things I shouldn’t have done, I’m mad at myself for not being woman enough to be honest and loyal to my husband. I need help.

Me: Wow! Calm down dear, you really shouldn’t be working up yourself so much as you are in a delicate state. What is it that’s bothering mummy twins that won’t let her rest oh?*giggles*

Tiffany: I’m ashamed of myself, i don’t know what to do, i don’t know how to go about this.

Me: Oya, iya ibeji calm down now? Tell me what it is exactly that’s bothering you.

Tiffany: You see this pregnancy? It’s for my neighbor!

Me: What?! What?! Wow! Wow! madam I don’t know what to say, i mean aren’t you a married woman? *confused face*

Tiffany: Yes I’m married, i love my husband so much and I’ve already made this mistake.

Me: Please tell me about it.

Tiffany: Well, this is the 7th month since my husband and I got married, and he has been on and off in the house, i mean being a man, working hard to feed me and his supposed to be unborn child.

He travels a lot, i mean a lot, our honeymoon was for 2weeks and of those two weeks he was out on the road for a week and 2days.

Me: ehn, madam but you know he’s only trying to be a man now? you know his ego would get lesser if he didn’t have anything to bring to the table.

Tiffany: Yes Yes I know this, and I’m not complaining but I had needs. And my neighbor downstairs was, a married couple, married for 9years without any child‎. I was a fresh graduate who had just served and was still on the hunt for a job, thereby making me a full housewife.

I noticed every time I went downstairs to spread the clothes I washed the man would stare at me, he would keep starring till I went upstairs.

This very faithful day, he came to my husband and I’s flat, whereas my husband had gone on one of those long trips again, he had been away for about 3weeks, and I had needs, i needed him to be there, you know to keep me warm, I needed his presence in the husband kind of way, but he wasn’t there.

So my neighbor, I mean the husband came upstairs, said he hadn’t fully welcomed me to the neighborhood, I know he knew I was married but because of his intentions probably ignored that aspect.

Me: Na wa oh, some men ehn, please ma, continue.

Tiffany: So I had him come in, offered him a glass of cold juice and I put the TV channel to Sound city. I asked if he was comfortable that I had to go in and do some things, he said yes he was.

Me: wait ma, please this man, he sounds jobless, i mean what kind of man stays around the house at that time of the day? abi was it at night?

Tiffany: at night ke? No oh! this was broad daylight, he said he was on leave or something.

Me: ehn didn’t his wife notice him coming over to your place?

Tiffany: I’m not so sure about that aspect, i don’t know whatever must have transpired between them both, i just know he was coming over to my place.

Me: Okay ma, please continue.

Tiffany: *giggles* Please oh, stop calling me ma, abi? heheheh I’m not that old I’m just 26.

Me: hehehehe, okay sorry dear, please continue.

Tiffany: So I went into the bedroom and was folding my husband’s cloths when I noticed a hand around my waist, cold and his body resting on mine, his manhood so hard I felt it through my spines, I was scared, shocked and wanting at the same time.

I turned around out of shock and found my neighbor in my husband and I’s room. I told him to leave that I’m a married woman and happily married at that.

He said so? That he was married too and many couples do this, he raised my long hair up and kissed my neck, grabbed my butt and so and so sha, you don’t need the details do you?*covers face*

Me: hehehehe ehn somehow I do and somehow I don’t but for the details, we’ll talk in private, this one is public marra, heheheh.

Tiffany: Public Bawo? Are you publishing it?

Me: Yes dear, but only with your permission, just to enlighten people on what is really going on around the world.  don’t worry, names would be changed and places changed too, nothing will be traceable to you, and even before published sef, i’ll change and send you a copy.

Tiffany: Oh okay, that’s alright dear. So back to my story, one thing led to another and we had sex. After the act, i came to my senses, i wept! I wanted to hit him hard for coming to my place, i wanted to hit him for not being faithful to his wife, i wanted to slap him for making me do this, but deep down in me, i think the person I really wanted to vent my anger on was me! He left my house, and as time went on, it became a regular act, on my matrimonial bed, and it began to feel like all was back to normal and nothing happened, like the guilt of cheating was fading away.

We sometimes had sex unprotected and I didn’t care, I was enjoying this deadly sin.

After 3 weeks more, my husband came home, i missed him, so so! we made love over and over that night., but before then I was noticing certain changes in my body language, i was getting weaker, dizzy and all that‎ pregnancy thingy. I was scared to death, knowing fully well that it wasn’t for my husband but for my neighbor, but I made sure my husband didn’t notice anything till at least a month more, which to him was supposed to be a month pregnancy whereas to me it was two. He complained jokingly that “babe, this stomach looks like 2months preggy oh” and laughed innocently, but he didn’t know that those words hit me like a knife on the neck of a chicken.*smiles sadly*…

I told my neighbor about it, that I was pregnant for him but I wanted to remove it, that my husband would understand that I would lie to him that I had a miscarriage when he is off on one of his journeys, alas! my neighbor went into a rage, that I shouldn’t touch his child or he would fight me with everything he had in this world, that he has been married for 9 years with no offspring and I want to remove his child?

Me: this is crazy, to be very honest!

Tiffany: Crazy is an understatement my dear, this is an abomination I have put myself into, a grave taboo! So I left his place with tears in my eyes and bricks in my heart. I knew that if I aborted it, everything we did in secret will be open to the world, I knew that if I aborted it I was going to lose my marriage, husband and trust of my family members and also my self-esteem. I had no choice but to keep it. its 7months now, and my husband thinks it’s 6months, i can’t do this to him, i can’t bear him a bastard, and I can’t abort it too. my neighbor is patiently waiting for me to give birth to his child and I don’t know what to do. Please, Teekay, what do I do?

Me: You really want to hear my advice? Let me warn you before I say anything. I never give “expected” advice oh. I am mostly unbiased. The truth remains the truth whether it is been said or not but I always choose to say the truth.

Tiffany: Ok Teekay, go ahead please.

Me: I think you should call your husband, seat him down and tell him the truth. The lie may run for a period of 20 years but it will take just 1 day for the truth to catch up.

As long as you haven’t said the truth, you will keep being haunted and trust me, that’s a sure way to hell.

Tiffany: *crying* I don’t think I can do that Teekay, this is like the hardest thing to do. Can’t I just kill myself or something?

Me: NO! NO!! NO!!! That’s not even an option cos that’s a straight passport/visa to hell.

Tiffany: *crying* I really wish *still crying* Well, I’d think about your advice Teekay and see if I can man up to it.

Me: Thanks so much for sharing with me. I would definitely do a follow up on this issue. I wish you a safe delivery.

Tiffany: Thank you Teekay.


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  1. your advice to her remains the best advice even thou it may end her marriage . at lest the neighbour can marry her as a second wife.

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