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If you are above 40yrs old, then you have every business reading this. If not however, you still need to go ahead and read because your own time dey come.
I mostly talk about the experiences I have been through, to talk to me and some times to heal me or some of the people I counsel. I share things I have learnt, so others can pick any positives that may help them in their journey through life. Na so.

The stage I am at now and what am going through, is what I have discussed with so many men including my father-in-law in the past 30yrs. I never thought or even imagined I would one day be wearing the same shoes myself.

Some men right now are experiencing symptoms that include fatigue, serious mood swings, depression and wait for it….sexual problems; like not being as desirous of your spouse sexually as you have been in the past. Like noticing things you didn’t use to notice in the past in your house hold. Like being irritable and short fused or the feeling of being alone even when you’re surrounded by family.
Oyinbo people get name for am, dem dey call am Men-O-Pause.

When a woman is moody, it’s hormones. When a man is moody, it’s work related stress, money problems, or just one of those days, right?
Maybe not!

An increasing amount of evidence points to an aging-related hormonal change in men that corresponds to the hormonal change in women known as menopause. Some call it “male menopause” which some believe is not entirely accurate but still gets the point across.

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