In the quest for firm(er) boobs… (Ladies Only)

Over the years, I have heard lots of weird claims on how to keep a woman’s chest plum, pointed and  firm.In fact, one of such claims by a particular Lagos socialite (during a TV program that she was featured as a guest) is that she learnt from her mother that drinking pap (akamu/ogi) enlarges the ‘something’.

ScreenShot00381Trust me, I got up from my seat, put on my glasses to actually have a good look at her chest area…yet, what I saw there could barely be said to be above average. does it mean her pap therapy isn’t effective in her case? If that pap claim is true…space no go remain for my chest area because pap (with moi moi/fried plantain) is one of my all time favs.

The second claim came from an actress friend of mine…Infact,It was my curiosity that made her open up to me because I observe she does it religiously, yet the things can be best described as just there. The claim? That dipping the chest plums in very cold(chilled) water every morning helps to firm them up.well, I do know that cold water(as against warm water) is generally good for the skin. The claim is that it tightens the pores…I do not know if such has a special effect on a woman’s chest area o!

The third (but not the least) came from a very dear blog reader . she once told me that she slathers Castor oil on the chest area, she explained that a friend of hers swears that-the magic of Castor oil in firming the boobs is potent. I didn’t even contemplate this at all…my oily skin is a big enough concern to me…can’t dream of ‘complicating things’…one’s skin needs to breath!
Well, almost every woman would want things to remain as perky/firm as she ages but unfortunately, nature has other plans…and a few factors see to just that.
The age of a woman plays an important role here, as a woman ages…things begin to go south. That to me isn’t abnormal…because nothing In life lasts forever. The catch Is to engage In those ‘regimen’ that will help one age gracefully. Exercise is said to firm the body generally, and I believe the results of a moderate exercise will not have the chest area left out-in the firming assignment.
Other factors like pregnancy/nursing a child…with all that stretching and shrinking -It will be little wonder if the chest plums are spared! Also, fluctuations(adding or losing) In a woman’s weight has a toll on her chest area too…more reasons why it’s best to back up whatever your weight loss approach is with exercise-to help firm things up and keep undue sagging at bay.
One cannot conclude without mentioning the role of genes…I suspect some people’s gene has a lot to do with this. That is why some women (despite their age) can still give ladies younger than them (by decades) a run for their money…If all chest plums are to go on the exhibit, you would be amazed. Same reason why one occasionally runs into a girl that’s barely out of her teens-only to observe that things have sagged badly…made unapologetically obvious by ill fitting brassieres!
Whatever the issue is in your case, I think the goal of every woman should be to age gracefully-eschewing habit that’s considered a harmful life style and graciously embracing those that help her achieve the goal of being healthy and aging as she should…
What other weird claims have you come across (read or heard) In the quest for firmer boobs?

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