In Love With Her EX – Embittered BF

 Question (Anonymous):
I need your advice please. I met a girl February last year and fell in love with her. I have shown her love that even she confesses it and her friends envy her.
Our major problem is, she always tells me she is in love with the guy that took her virginity and her heart belongs to him. She is madly in love with the guy but she is also aware the guy doesn’t love her one bit.
The issue is making me confused; seeing that I also have a girl that love me so much but I have little feelings for her. Please advise us maturely. Thanks
My dear, it is normal for a girl to be attached to her first love for a long period of time (in fact sometimes forever) but it is left to you to prove that you really love the girl and you would do anything for her.
I am not also comfy with the idea that she says she loves the guy dearly – so where does that leave you?
First, let her know that you aren’t comfy with the idea that she still talks about her former BF (especially the one that doesn’t even love her anymore).
If there are no changes, my brother, break up with her and move on ASAP.
As for the girl that loves you and you don’t love; there is no way there at all.
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