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Question (Anonymous):
ok so I just found out this blog and am so happy.
My question actually starts with a story: I have an in-law (brother’s wife’s younger sister) and we are fond of each other.
I was at their place very far away from Lagos where I am based for Easter celebrations and we got a lot of time spend together. During one of our alone times, we started talking about relationships and we ended up kissing.
Then  the next day, we kissed some more and I fondled her for a while too (she’s got some massive boobs) and the third day, we had sex and it was incredible.
Well, my question is I have kinda developed a feeling of likeness for her and I am thinking of asking her out to be my GF and probably get married but is that not a taboo? (she is my sister-in-law)
Not beating about the bush , i would say NO, you cannot date her nor marry her. She is like a sister to you now. Will you marry your blood sister?

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  1. There’s no big deal in getting married to your sis in law. She is not in anyway your blood. As long as you both love each other and have consented to be married , for me it is not wrong

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