I’m cheating on my wife with another woman, and cheating on her with yet another woman.

‎I’m going through basically every cliche of a midlife crisis as a 46 year old man, married 15 years but currently separated, engaged in an affair with a girl literally half my age. On top of which, I’m cheating on her with an even younger (20) girl. It’s all pretty horrific and I’m a sad piece of shit, and really the only mitigating factor is that I look very young for my age, so I at least don’t look like these girls’ father when we’re out.

I know I should at least man up and break it off with girl #3, but I’m too weak to do it. They’re both insanely hot, and at 46 I’m heading downhill fast and lucky to have any attractive girl interested in me, since I’m not wealthy and all I’ve got going for me is a charming personality and fairly attractive (for now) looks. So part of me feels like crap for being a selfish cheating bastard twice over, but part of me also wants to ride this runaway train until it inevitably derails and crashes.

I’ve never done anything this ridiculous in my life, but I don’t really want to stop, nor do I have any regrets. I’m enslaved to my lust and desperate need for validation.

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