‘I’ll date a younger man if he is mature minded & experienced’ – Shan George

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Nollywood Actress, Shan George, opens up to LIB about her career, life & experiences

She’s one of Nigerian actresses who has been in the film Industry before it even had an official name. She has had her fair share of success, a face popular in many households but has also faced misguided controversies about her personal life.

LIB reached out to Shan George for an exclusive, in order to enlighten her fans and others, about who she really is & she gracefully responded. Read after the cut…

She opens up to Linda Ikeji in this exclusive Interview about her Background, Personal life, Career and more.

LIB: Tell us about yourself. (Full Name, Age, where you’re from, family background – silver spoon or otherwise, educational qualifications.)
• I’m Shan Walker George, was born in Abakaliki. In my late 40s. My mother is from cross river state while my father is Scottish. (so my mother says, i never met him), | kpako spoon background | Did my primary and secondary schools in Ediba, Abi LGA, Cross river state – my mother’s village. I read Mass communication in the University of Lagos

LIB: How did you get involved in acting, How did you discover the Industry?
• When i gained admission into Unilag in 1996, i was looking for a part time job to be able to pay my way through school. I met an actress called Blessing Eremi (now Mrs Blessing Stevens) who introduced me to the Late Jeniffa Okere and Emeka Osai. They were about to produce a movie at that time tittled ‘Thorns of Rose’. I was given a role and that’s how the trip started.

LIB: Has anything changed about you since you came into the limelight?
• I don’t think much has changed about me besides my age and the size of my bank account…. (Laughs)

LIB: When was your first role as an actress & How many movies have you done till date?
• First role, as mentioned earlier, was in 1996. I’ve done well over 200 films since then, out of which I have written and produced over 20.

LIB: Who is your favorite Actor/Actress?
• Every actor who carries and plays a role very well, is my favourite.

LIB: What else do you do professionally apart from acting?
• I write movie scripts and i also produce movies, besides acting.

LIB: If contracted to act in a semi nude way in a movie, would you take it up?
• I can act semi nude if the script is a corrective story. It has to be a story that will change people’s life for good.

LIB: What is the most extreme change to your personality, hair, body weight, etc etc, that you have done to land a role?
• I have never changed anything to land a role. But I’ve had to make changes after landing d role, like having my hair cut, etc

LIB: Tell me about a time where you had difficulty with a character. What was the character and why was it challenging?
• Every character is challenging. I have had to play characters, portray people who i’m not. Roles of a prostitute, mermaid, robber, etc.

LIB: What is the hardest part of being a celeb?
• The hardest part of being a celebrity is that part where people think you are a rich person and once they meet you, even on the street, you have to solve all their financial issues instantly. And the part where some people show you hatred when they meet you, just because they didn’t like your evil character/role in a film.

LIB: Are you in a relationship?
• No

LIB: Can you date someone younger than you?
• Maybe. If he is mature minded and experienced.

LIB: Does your relationship status affect your career?
• No.

LIB: Would your sons have an issue with you remarrying?
• No.

LIB: Is it true what they say about sexual harassment & exploitation of upcoming actors/actresses in Nollywood?
• I believe sexual harassment and extortion exists in every profession. That’s why we all need to shine our eyes and believe in ourselves, so that we don’t become a victim.

LIB: Tell us something about you that most people don’t know.
• I am a movie junky! I would rather be home watching a movie than attending an event.

LIB: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
• I have nothing about myself i desire to change for now.

LIB: What has kept you going all these years, your biggest achievement in the field of acting?
So far i don’t think I’ve achieved anything. Though i am working hard at it. The love of God, Family and Friends have kept me going all these years.

LIB: Are you working on any current projects?
• Yes. I’m currently working on my new film ‘ONE GOOD MAN’, which is premiering soon.

LIB: What future plans do you have for yourself?
• I just want to continue to help people in any little way i can, work & pray, while i leave the rest to God.

LIB: Any advice for someone aspiring to become an actor?
• If u want to become an actor or anything in this life. READ ABOUT IT. GET AN EDUCATION!

And that’s a wrap… Thanks to Shan George for opening up exclusively to LIB.

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