Ife asks Teekay if she should have sex with her lecturer for good grades… Teekay answers

Question (Ife):

I have a lecturer that has been making passes towards me since my first year in school. I attend a “Christian” University in the South West of Nigeria, and its been really disgusting. Now, in my penultimate year, he is threatening to fail me if I don’t give him a taste of my pride. What do I do? (Ps: He’s my HOD)


Do you have a boyfriend? If yes, tell him this exactly – “Sir, you are a very good and handsome man and giving all things are equal, I woulda loved to date you but i have a boyfriend and he is a good person too plus my belief doesn’t permit me to cheat on him but if he breaks up with me, you definitely have me to yourself”


If No, then say this “Sir, I am a virgin and my parents will kill me if i lose my virginity before marriage. I know you might think they won’t find out but i almost tried it once and my mum especially called me at that exact point and said to stop what i was about to do. You know they are the ones paying this big fees and i won’t want to drop out cos of sex. However, if things were different, you are a good man and being with you won’t be bad at all”


This other way is a hard and risky one but here it is –  ” Sir, aw far you na? I have been trying to give you sign since and you have been pestering me and letting people suspect us. We’d definitely get together one day but can’t be now now na, I can’t do IT with you here in school. let’s pick a date, i’d take exeat and meet you up somewhere outside school if that’s ok by you.”

Then set him up however you want but make sure you get him naked oh especially pictures. i know you must have been seeing this idea in home-videos but I have seen this happen in real life in about 3 or 4 cases.

The end of the matter is, you will not just pass but you will pass excellently well.


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