If Your Guy Does These 6 Things, He Isn’t In Love With You — He’s OBSESSED

I use the phrase “psychological demons disguised as love” when I talk about people who have disturbed romantic beliefs.

You may be surprised by the number of people who’ve felt trapped in unhealthy relationships at some point in their lives. In my work with clients, as well as in casual conversations, I’ve noticed certain behavioral patterns of toxic, emotionally abusive lovers.

I tell them that trouble brews when emotion trumps reason in relationships — when you listen to what your heart feels and not what your mind screams. This happens when something goes wrong in your relationship because the surge of love hormones drowns reason.

Consider these example:

  • You dismiss the tiny little warning telling you that something isn’t right.
  • You make excuses — such as that they’re tired, stressed, or sick — to explain away their bad behaviors.
  • You convince yourself that you’re just misreading your partner’s intentions.

When emotions override reason you may find yourself sinking in a sea of emotional abuse. If you don’t recognize the signs, you just may end up drowning.

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These are 6 signs that someone isn’t simply infatuated or in love — they’re obsessed and emotionally abusive.

1. They barrage you with intense and constant attention.

2. They demand unreasonable amounts of your time

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