If You Do These Things, You Will Lose Your Computer. Take Note

You rely heavily on your computer to get your jobs done. If anything happens to it, you may lose all your important files and other essential documents. This is why you should be careful what you do both in terms of hardware and software with your computer.

This will prevent you from putting your computer at risk. Nevertheless, some persons don’t know the things they are doing that may be putting their computers at risk. See them below:

6.      You don’t backup your filesImage result wey dey for dont lose computer

This is arguably one of the crudest things you do that is putting your computer at risk. But still, some persons don’t consider it important to backup their files. If you don’t want to lose the work of a lifetime, you should never forget to save your files in a hard drive or any cloud services of your choice. You can access these files anytime and anywhere.

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