Underage girl tells Teekay how she lost her virginity…

This is my story about how I had sex the first time. I don’t know if you can ever write about this. I was on a cruise with my family, my two sisters and my parents. We were all underage at that time, I am the middle one. One of the workers on board grabbed me from the hall and took me into a closet where he had sex with me. i knew what he was doing, I was old enough to know that. He never said anything and i didn’t say anything either, there was just this breathing;  I could hear him breathing real hard while he got me into a position where he could penetrate me.
After he was done, he helped me clean myself by using his shirt, actually he cleaned me and then he kissed me and told me his name was Raymond and that he really liked me and wanted me to be his girlfriend while we were on board.  After I was dressed again he again told me to remember his name and he wanted me to be his girlfriend and now that he was my boyfriend to go to a specific place where he would meet me again and I would be his girlfriend again.
I went there every day where he met me and took me into a room with supplies and we had sex again. He wanted me to become friends with his p***s so he showed it to me and had me hold it and suck him to make him really hard before he would have sex with me. For all ten days on the cruise we did this. After the cruise I was despondent for a long time, but one day I was over it and I became myself again. I have never talked about this, it is my memory.
I like my memory, and to be truthful meeting him and having sex there is one of the most exciting things that I have done.

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