I Want To Settle Down BUT…

Question (Anonymous):

I need help Teekay…… I’m 24 and in my finals. I don’t seem to be content with whatever I have. No matter how pretty she is, the moment she says yes. Then my eye goes off her and goes for a new search. I see gurls as a chewing gum when I’m done with d sweetness then I throw away and get another den another. The future is here already and I am not even prepared and I think I need a life. No matter how hard I try I still do it. HELP!!!!

Well sure boy questioner, you need to just make up your mind to be with one girl. Economics deduces that human wants are numerous and insatiable.

That exactly is what you are going through and all you need to do is to determine to be content with what you have when you choose your next GF.

Then I also sense that you have always been with girls that are not intelligent so to say is why you have to replace them (like Chewing gum…lol…). So during your next search, you need to find a lady with brains (they all have vaginas and boobs).

I hope I have helped?


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