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Question (Anonymous):
Please help me out here. I’m 22, I have a fiancé I adore so much (the feeling is mutual), I noticed that he has started talking too often about marriage recently and I’m happy about this development as he has been showering me with so much love and attention ever since I met him over a year ago. Now the problem is, I have an elder sister who is 25 years old and not yet married and I feel it would be unfair to get married before her. I want to experience the joy of planning my elder sister’s wedding. Although she will give her nod, but I don’t want her to feel bad about anything at all much less on my account. Please tell me what to do…
Hello questioner, thank you for asking oh… this is quite a small but sensitive case and your approach really matters.
Here is my advice (unbiased):
·         Bottom of Form
·         Seat your sister down and tell her your mind while asking her for her opinion/option.
·         She will most likely advice you to go ahead but you need to be sensitive to her countenance because it is always in the expression not on the lips/mouth.
·         If you finally decide to have the wedding, make sure you get all the advice from her (get her involved – even in things you feel are unnecessary)
·         Talk to your fiance to always get her involved too oh abeg. (and always to respect her)
·         Never ever say no to any of her advices. Even if you won’t use it, just say OK.
·         Talk to your parents about it too and get their consent (Parents are very ‘importanter’)
·         After your marriage, never ever talk about your new family to your sister except she asks and even when she does ask, answer her question as fast and short as possible)
Above all, note that your happiness is very important and no one – I repeat NO ONE (NO EXCEPTIONs) – should decide your happiness except you.
I hope with this few points of mine; you will be able to make the best decision.


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