I Send Nudes To A Guy I Feel Is Using Me…

I’m a good girl by all standards (not being self-righteous). Am 21 and a graduate with a good job. I’m a virgin also. I respect people and I love God a lot. Lately I fell for this one boy that I feel is using me, he always asks for nudes or wants us to meet so he can touch me or kiss me.
I’m not old so marriage is not a pressing issue but he is constantly painting that idea in my head (I don’t know if it is a form of deceit) this guy always talks about ‘if’ we date. “If” for over 4 years and has never asked me out. I feel if we continue hanging out he may take my virginity. I’m scared and confused and I think I like him. He is obsessed with sex and is a flirt. Literally every girl I’ve met knows him and it’s not for good. I’ve tried praying about it, but it skips my mind every time.
Gosh it feels good to let it out.
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