Losing some calories can sometimes be stressful and usually requires a lot of do’s and don’ts.
In this post, I’ll be sharing a few tips that would be helpful in achieving weight loss and body fitness with less stress and more consistency.
But before that, you need to have it at the back of your mind that weight loss is a gradual process that isn’t achieved overnight.
However, it is interesting to note that these changes tends to happen differently for people which is as a result of discipline, a degree of consistency in adherence to the new daily routine and lifestyle I am about to introduce to you.
Here are a few workable tips to kickstart your weight loss journey:


Exercising is very important not just for weight loss but for keeping the body healthy and fit.
As a beginner in the weight loss journey, exercise does not necessarily require you to hit the gym to lift some dumbbells or run the treadmill.
You can start with simple daily activities like taking a 30 minutes walk in a park or around your neighborhood, climb up and down the stairways instead of taking the elevator, squatting 20-50 times every morning and evening, etc.
Consistently involving in these seemingly little exercises would be a perfect start for weight loss and after a few weeks, you can proceed to running, jogging or even hit the gym.


Not every appealing and sumptuous delicacy is healthy. Majority of the people who want to get rid of some calories usually take cognizance in the choice of food they consume.

When selecting or preparing a meal, make sure the bulk of it consists of veggies and fruits, while the rest part can be made up of proteins and wholesome grains.
Eat more of fresh fruits, green leaves or , nuts , fish, oatmeal, and legumes.
Avoid sugar, butter and oily foods, baked foods and processed foods.
it is highly recommended to get a professional nutritionist or related health personnel to get proper guidance on this issue as it plays a significant role in the journey of weight loss.


Another way to loose weight is to eat needfully. You may ask what I mean by the term ‘eating needfully’ right?
It’s simply means, eating only what your body needs to function and not what your body wants.
Sometimes we need to deprive our body of certain food cravings which mostly have little to no contribution to our health.
For example, eating snacks when we are hungry instead of actual food, drinking soda or beer when we are thirsty instead of water, eating junk food to our fill just because it is available and the likes. Sometimes, when we are hungry, especially at late hours of the night, we do not always need food but a glass of water.
Sometimes you might have had a long, hectic and draining day/week, you need food with high energy value.
Our body systems tend to defer from one another and in that sense it has different needs to function so it is very important to know your body system.


Over 80% of processed drinks; beer, tea, soda even juice, contain liquid calories which is unhealthy for the body.
This is because they have little or no nutritional value and excess energy content. You can add fresh lime, lemon or orange to your water to give it some flavor too. Avoid smoothies as much as possible except when its used to cover up for a whole meal.


When shopping to restock your kitchen, buy more diet friendly food. Be sure to buy what you need before giving thoughts to what you want. Needs are primary necessities, wants on the other hand are secondary and less important.
Buy fresh ingredients like fresh pepper, onion, tomatoes etc It would go a long way to avoid processed foods and junks.


It is very important to keep records of the weight loss process. This will help you in measuring the success/progress rate of your weight loss journey. It can also help you mentor others looking to loose some unwanted body mass.
You can do this either manually by creating a hand written book journal, by committing to an app that would help monitor your activities or better still, you can have the journey recorded using pictures and videos as all agree that ‘what we see is what we believe’.


People companionship is a vital cog in achieving success in any set aside goal.
So long we are alive, friends are a crucial part of our existence. Keeping the RIGHT kind of friends can be very useful and instrumental in the weight loss journey.
Your friends could be family members, colleagues from work, school or religious space, or even another person looking to drop off some excess body mass.
It is good to surround yourself with people who share your goals and aspirations as it makes every journey easier and faster with a better success rate percentage.
Your fitness trainer and co-trainees are usually best fit for this role.



Nothing beats having a positive mindset when embarking on a mission. Keeping your mind in the

positives always, gives you a certain level of confidence and momentum everyday. Once you have

that self belief of an achiever, you gradually begin to operate and manifest the reality of that mindset.

Though it usually doesn’t come easy, but with a high level of consistency and discipline it becomes your reality.

Weight loss is a process that requires focus and discipline, it is advised to get an accountability partner, a mentor or trainer, a community of positive minded friends and importantly a dietician or health specialist.

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