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Question (Anonymous):
Hi, my story is kinda long and I will try and make it as short as possible. I fell in love with somebody for the first time in my life 2 and half years ago and those three years has been the best years of my life. We were all over each other and all, loved her like no other, met her sis and mom (even her sis is on my bbm) and she always tell me I am the best thing that has happened to her. 

She has done a lot for me too, even had an abortion, few months ago we started to fight a lot and all she told me she needed a break, a month later I started noticing her around a dude and when I confronted her she told me he was just a rebound, so I decided to stop talking to her. 

Few weeks ago she sent me a message that she can’t stop thinking about me and she made a big mistake letting me go buh she’s still with this new dude, Love her so much and it’s clouding my judgment what should I do?

Dear questioner, I feel your pains jare. But let me first state that if you really love her as you say, then go ahead and take her back because nothing beats true love. 

A popular story on a radio station during the CHAZ B (RIP) show goes thus:
“I caught my wife cheating on me face-to-face and didn’t do or say anything for about a month. After then, weighing all my options, I called her one day and told her she was totally forgiven and we have been living happy ever after” (the story is actually longer oh).

This is my submission:
  • If you decide not to take her back, you would be hurting more and trust me, you need to be happy cos life is freaking too short not to be happy.
  • If you decide you don’t want her back, the next girl you meet and date might have a bigger issue than hers. No one is perfect. There is always something better. Human needs are numerous and insatiable.
  • What will you lose if you take her back? At least you even know who she has been with. (the Devil you know, is better than  the ANGEL you don’t know)
  • She will owe you forever and therefore ever live to want to please you. Trust me its reflex.
I believe that with these few points of mine… (finish the sentence abeg)
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