Play-Girl tells Teekay – I have been a very bad girl

I started with lying to my 2nd BF about being pregnant because I needed money and he was a stingy guy. Since then, I have been lying to guys I have been with about being pregnant to constantly get money for abortion from them.
Now, I am engaged to one of the guys I have lied to and we have been trying to conceive a child before we go on with the marriage rights but have been unable. There are times he talks about the abortion he thought I did and feels bad he made me take out two babies. I feel bad and it’s like my sins are catching up with me.  

2 Replies to “Play-Girl tells Teekay – I have been a very bad girl”

  1. Definitely, your sins will always catch up with you, there’s no hiding place… just tell him the truth so you can be set free

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