I lick everything clean because I hate my housemate using my stuff

‎I’m at uni, and through a series of unfortunate events ended up living with strangers. Two of my housemates are lovely, but this one girl is the bane of our lives. She is constantly loud.

I love going on nights out and i’m quite loud myself but when at 8 in the morning she is screaming down the phone to her friends, that is cool in nobody’s books. She takes up all the space in the freezer, demands the heating always be turned on and makes the house stink of smoke. All those problems I could deal with, but the fact she didn’t bring any cutlery, crockery or cooking utensils riles me more than I could have imagined. I told her from the start she can use anything of mine (not realizing she had absolutely nothing).

I have actually had cereal from a measuring jug with a teaspoon. I thought that was some joke trope about the sloth of students, it isn’t, it’s a depressing fact of life when you are living with an overly entitled drama queen with the capability of empathy similar to that of an inanimate object which has never even experienced a radio wave from mankind.

I rinse and lick the worst off whatever I use, I know it’s bad I know it is unhygienic, I even know that she might never find out. I don’t give a fuck about her finding out, whats important is remembering that every day I am winning this war, the only question is, should I ever tell her?‎

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