I Hit My Girlfriend…

My girlfriend and I were arguing about something petty, I was tired of arguing so I told her to stop talking about it but she kept bitching and screaming, wouldn’t shut up, so I hit her across the face. 
Not so hard, but hard enough that she was really surprised. She left the room totally silent without saying anything to me. I felt kind of shitty at this point.
I was dreading that she was going to call her friends but a little while later she came back to talk to me. She apologized and said she was being a naughty, it was her fault etc. I said that I forgive her, just don’t escalate things to that level again and I said sorry. She agreed, then we had sex.

I Still feel a little shitty, but I think everything is back to normal again.
Thank you Teekay for publishing this.
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