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Pls hide my ID and post this for me. I am a lady in my early 20’s. I have been fooled by someone I thought loved me. He was my first love and he did dis-virgin me. It all went at first but later he started showing some hatred and now he broke up with me and he is now dating another girl. I am so confused because I still love him and my major problem is that I don’t take guys serious again. Should I wait for my ex to come back to his senses or I should move on. I need advice…
You have not been fooled by anyone. Rather you fooled yourself. You gave your most cherished possession because someone claims to love you.
Am quite sure all he did was say “I LOVE YOU” and maybe bought gifts for you. My dear, you were not fooled by him. You were just quite cheap (no harm meant).
The only way to buy yourself the remaining reputation you can get is to forget this guy and move on. Trust me you don’t love him. There’s this effect that your FIRST always have on you and that exactly is what you think is LOVE.
Dear, kindly move on and go ahead and date other people. You need to release yourself, forgive yourself and live (stop surviving, start living).


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