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I have a fiancé who loves me, and I really do love him. But there’s another guy I think I may be in love with, too. They can’t stand each other. My fiancé doesn’t even like that I talk to the other guy. I talk about doing things with this other guy that I don’t even bring up with my fiancé. I feel horrible. But they both make me feel like I’m the world to them. I won’t leave my fiancé, but I hate lying to him like this, too. I don’t know what to do
Basically, all you need to do is break up with the both of them because if you actually loved your fiancé, there won’t have been a 2nd option at all let alone this new guy.
Another reason is that what you have for this new guy maybe (or may not) mere infatuation.
Break yourself free from both of them and get to a fresh start.

It is won’t be EASY but you have to do it before you tie the knots for life. There is no going back after marriage oh.

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