I hate that my girlfriend’s depression medication makes her lose her sex drive

To start this off, I’m in a long distance relationship. We still do stuff when we get together, it’s just.. Now it’s only when we see each other. At this point, that’s about once a month. A year ago, we were doing better (more often, I.e., nightly) in the sexual acts department.

But when she started her meds, it’s happened less and less. We used to sex talk daily, and then release everything that night over the phone. Then it’s just.. Stopped happening, right about when she started to get help for her depression. Those nights started to have days lapse between them, then that turned into weeks, and… Since the beginning of this year, I’ve had to be frank and ask her to do something with me three times already (once each month). It’s driving me crazy. And a little part of me wants to blame her depression medication.

I know I’m selfish for just wanting to do sexual things when she doesn’t want to.. And I hate myself for blaming her medicine when she’s getting better mentally.. I just miss the nights when I could rile her up and we would have a night full of innuendo, rather than me crawling to her and begging for some attention like an addict.

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