I Hate My Father-In-Law and His Second Wife

I hate them. NOT just dislike or indifference, but actual HATE. They are just horrible humans. When he calls he asks to speak with his daughter. Won’t speak to me at all. She has four kids that are all losers and in need of government support, and they want ME to somehow help them out. But won’t talk to me unless it is to ask for money or tell me that they can’t relate to what I do or how we live, because they are “simple people”. He was so ill that one time he came to our town, I saw him and said to my wife, he looks like he needs to see a doctor soon. And I, the moron that I am, got him in to see the best doctors, he had open heart surgery and what was his only statement to me. Still waiting. The two of them actually mad that I was the one that saved is dumb ass of a life. FUCK THEM!

He told my wife not to marry me because I have a professional career and he is uncomfortable around me and my family and that I make more in a year than he made in his life. We limited my kids exposure to the hatred, but as grown adults they loathe them too.

Told my daughter to drop out of college and get a job. An actual 3.95 student at a great university, and she isn’t special, just get a job like his wife’s white trash, fast food working loser grand-kids.

They have caused so much pain and difficulty in my marriage that I can never, ever forgive them. I hope they both die soon. I will go to the funeral No tears or sadness for me. I will have a big smile and celebrate. Oh, and they better not need money for a funeral or they won’t have one….. FUCK THEM.

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