I Gave Oral Sex Last Week And Now I Have Pharyngitis

I’m a 22 year old guy. Last week I dated this girl that really wanted to have sex with me, we got drunk, and we had sex. Well, She gave me a blowjob and later I went down on her, she wanted me to penetrate her and for some reason I just couldn’t, my erection got off.

Next morning we got up and she gave me another blowjob but it was horrible, she bit me and she just wouldn’t stop talking… So I ended feeling horrible and that it wasn’t worth it. A few days later my tongue got yellow and my throat started hurting, I went with my cousin (she’s a doctor) and said I have pharyngitis because of some bacteria, and she told me I probably kissed someone with this bacteria… and i just said well, kinda.

So now i have this horrible feeling and started thinking that it could had been something worse like HIV or Syphilis and i don’t feel like dating someone in a looooooong time. I was another girl two days ago and she wanted to kiss me and I just ran away saying i was late for some… meeting.

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