I don’t know how to love this child

I have a preschool age stepson that my partner has full custody of. I don’t love him (the kid). The few times I have been vocal about this, response has been mixed. Some understand, since he’s not my kid, that I don’t love and adore him. Others chide me for not being able to force myself to love him or tell me to leave my partner so a stepparent who “loves” him can be found in my place. I am currently in therapy for this, I feel terrible. I don’t mistreat the kid, I just don’t feel parental love in my heart for him. I provide financial support for him, feed and clothe him, do all the things I “should” do….I just don’t emotionally love him. I kind of feel like as long as his needs are met, he has emotional love from other family members, I’m not really responsible for that….but many people disagree and it has me confused.

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