I Don’t Date Ladies From My Tribe

I’m 29 from Imo state but born and raised in LagosI remember my earliest crushes when in elementary school were yoruba girls. From a young age I didn’t find Ibo girls attractive.

As I got older I would only ever date or try to date yoruba women. This carried on through university and onward. Most of my relationships were successful but I could tell that the women I dated had some doubts about how long we would last. Most of the time there would be pressure from outside sources – usually family or friends of my gf at the time that wouldn’t be too happy about her dating a guy that wasn’t yoruba. Eventually this would strain our relationship and we would end it. I’m not the type of person that would force her to go against her family’s wishes.

My friends  would always poke fun at me by saying I’m a sellout to my own people. My parents didn’t seem to care who I dated as long as I didn’t bring her home, but they always mentioned when it was time to get married it had to be ‘one of us’.

So now I’m at the age where people want to settle down and get married and I’m finding it harder to meet other yoruba women. I guess meeting someone for dating is different when you’re young compared to meeting someone to settle down with. 

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