I Cum Too Early (Solved)

Question (Anonymous):

I am a guy of 24yrs old and an undergraduate in one of the state owned universities in 9ja. My problem is that I can’t go pass 90 seconds when having sex. Please, I’ll need your advice, tips, heads-up and possibly solution to this my predicament.

Note::this issue cost me my previous relationship and my present girl-friend has started complaining.

What you are asking for is quite a thing of the mind and sometimes could be medical. The problem with sex is that it is mostly over rated and most stories you hear are fake and as a result, you are judging your performance with the worlds standards.

Well to help with your premature ejaculation, there are drugs that can be used (see a Doctor) or train your mind yourself by following the instruction below:

Try this, anytime you are about to cum, hold the base of your p***s as tight as possible for about 30 seconds or more. You would notice that the cum will go back and you can get on with you business (Don’t say I told you oh).


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