Depressing: I Caught My Mother Having Sex With My Husband!

I am 35-year old woman from Port Harcourt. I met my husband, Alfred during my days in the bank. He was a regular customer and after a disagreement with him one day while the bank’s server was experiencing issues, we became friends. One thing led to another and we started dating which later led to our marriage a year later. My mother, 59, who is a widow never saw anything good about Alfred. She criticized every bit of his life. This almost ruined our plans to get married but I stood my ground not really because I love him but I was 33 years old with much pressure to get hooked as my friends in my age range were already having kids. It was a golden opportunity for me and I couldn’t afford to lose him. I was scared of being lonely for the rest of my life which is a normal feeling among over-age single ladies.

In the course of interrogating my mother on her stark hatred for Alfred, I realized she made no sense with her random reasons which I found incomprehensible. One of her reasons was that Alfred is tall, fair and handsome which constitutes the major attributes of infidelity in marriage as other women will signify interest in him. I laughed this off. Alfred is a wonderful guy. He is quite shy but very soft and caring. Even though I had my fears about other women trying to steal him from him, I remained defiant and prepared to secure what is mine.
After our first child; a very handsome boy, I was retrenched from the bank as a result of the regular restructuring process and cash crunch issues. I started selling shoes at the store. My mom assisted in taking care of my baby at home.

My mother’s presence at our home worsened the relationship between her and Alfred, she seized every available opportunity to insult him which didn’t go down well with me. At a point I almost hired a nanny to relieve my mom of her duties but people advised me against the decision. My mom didn’t seem happy staying with us but she never left which bothered me and I wasn’t bold enough to tell her to go as I am her only child who have been with her since my father passed away 10 years ago.

One day, our neighbour who stays in the opposite flat came to my stall and advised me against letting my mom stay in the house. My neighbour is a full time housewife who is quite popular in the neighbourhood for gossiping. Her reasons were not clear. She said letting her stay is detrimental to my marriage and with time the signs will manifest. I pestered her on her reasons and she revealed my husband comes home from work in the afternoon virtually everyday to stay with my mother in the house during which some loud moaning of pleasure are heard. According to her, she isn’t sure of the woman but from the voice and movements, its my mom. What an impossibility! Our flats seem close and sometimes, you could hear what is happening at the next flat from my room. I couldn’t believe it considering the strained relationship between them. I was so annoyed. I almost beat her up. I angrily sent her away.

On a second thought, I placed both of them under surveillance and didn’t observe anything strange. During my observations, my mother almost slapped Alfred for mistakenly spilling our baby’s food. I was so unimpressed with my mother’s disrespect for Alfred. He swore he was going to eject her from the house but I pleaded. This was the confirmation of my the falsehood behind my neighbour’s claim but my only concern was that Alfred wasn’t bothering me for s*x anymore. He was staying for over a month without lovemaking and no complaints. Its unusual as his libido could be unbearable at times. Even when I make moves at night, he complains of being tired. His weak points were his nipples, once you suck them, he gets ‘enraged’ like a lion ready to devour its prey but they were inactive.

One day I had to give him a head on a lengthy note to put him in the mood and even when he got hard. He couldn’t exceed one round. This is someone that could take a woman on as long as she wants. My husband is from Akwa Ibom for crying out loud and their men are famous for their sexual prowess. He gave his current work schedule as an excuse which I found suspicious and disturbing. An average Akwa Ibom man could pick a beautiful woman over a huge sum of money to start a business. They believe money can always be exhausted in the course of spending but the woman will always be there to bring pleasure and happiness.

I received the shock of my life two months later when I forgot some fancy shoes I brought from Dubai which I wanted to deliver to my customer at home. It was 1pm in the afternoon. I left my salesgirl at the stall and rushed home because the woman was disappointed after fantasizing about the pictures of the shoes I sent to her via Whatsapp. I drove home and parked my car outside. I shockingly saw my husband’s car at the garage. This was someone that left home before me. I was bothered. The feeling reminded me of my undergraduate days when you visit the scoreboard to check your result in a course that was rumoured to have recorded a mass failure. I was terrified with the words of my neighbour ringing in my head. The main door wasn’t locked. My husband’s shoes, shirt and singlet were littered around the sitting room.

Our son was sleeping on the sofa. I quietly moved up the staircase with my shoes off to prevent any sound from my movements. From the staircase, I could hear some intense moaning and groaning. It was like a battlefield. Lo and behold, the sounds were from my own mother and my husband who I assumed were stalemates.I never knew my mother was still sexually active. She was screaming and uttering all sorts of words associated with ecstacy.

I got closer to where the noises were coming from, it was our bedroom, my matrimonial bed. I wished it was a dream. I was begging for someone to wake me up so that I could pray over it. I felt the ground should open and swallow me. The door wasn’t closed. My husband and my mother were stark n*ked and he was heavily humping her from behind as they backed me. My heart broke when my mother muttered statements like:
”I love you! I wish I met you first!! You are too sweet!!!”
”My daughter doesn’t deserve you! I love you!! Alfred baby!!! Alfred oooo!!!!”

I screamed so loud. They were scared to death on sighting me. The next time I opened my eyes, I was in the hospital. I was told I passed out. My life is so miserable right now. I don’t know where to start from. My sickness currently is from the mind. Alfred has been coming to beg but the sight of him complicates my problem. I don’t ever want to set my eyes on him and my mother again. I feel for our son that will become a product of a broken home. I am so confused. I have begged the doctors for mercy killing but they have refused. I think I am going insane.

The emotional pains are too much for me to bear. Alfred revealed to me via a lengthy email that my mom seduced him long ago while he desperately sought to make friends with her for the sake of our marriage. That’s no just reason for him to be sleeping with my own mother.
That’s a curse. I am so confused. Where do I go from here?

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  1. Cut all your losses get rid of your mom and your husband let them have each other and to hell with them that is unforgivable.Make him pay child support and as for your mother You should not have anything else to do with her since she disrespected you.

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