I can’t stop thinking about f&%king my teacher and it feels so wrong

Okay, so it’s kinda fucked up, but I find myself very attracted to older, sleazy men. Just scumbag guys in their 30s somehow do it for me, and they really do it. I’ve never been able to help myself I just want to have nasty, depraved sex with guys like that and I want them to demean me. I’m only 18, so it’s like what the hell? You shouldn’t want to scrape the bottom of the barrel in your prime, but goddamn it I really do.

Well one of my teachers is a known scumbag, regularly flirts with underage girls (he’s married), almost got fired recently over an incident involving a 15 year old, and is just an all around shitty dude. But for some fucking reason I want him to fuck my brains out. He’s not even particularly attractive or charismatic (or smart for that matter) I just want him to fuck me until I can’t think straight. What kind of a kid wants a married man to fuck her? It’s so disturbing but I just can’t shake this fucking awful preference for shitbags.‎

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