How Amber Rose Turned Rapper 21 Savage’s Life For Good


Amber Rose and 21 Savage continue to weather the storm together, growing from love to love.

Yesterday, the two stars celebrated their birthdays together on a luxury boat, and from the clips shared on social media, they are seen step-dancing together, and laughing; it’s the most beautiful video you will see of them yet. The most peaceful anyone has ever seen the rapper.

You see, 21 Savage, who is only 25 years old, has a pretty turbulent history.

As a young high school student, he was once caught carrying a gun to school because he wanted to protect himself from bullies. At a detention centre later, he was badly beaten up by bullies. He eventually dropped out of school into a life of guns and drugs and crime, and also he inked a dagger tattoo between his eyes (a tattoo inspired by Tony Montana), giving his already frightening personality  a fierce edge.

FADER reports that things got tough for him when one of his brothers, Quantivayus, got murdered. And on the rapper’s 21st birthday, his best friend, Johnny, was shot in the head, while Savage himself was shot six times. Folks thought he would die.

Ever since, the rapper led a pretty savage life — as his name suggests, was brutal in protecting himself and drew the kind of fans who enjoyed the savage life.

Things turned a different angle when he fell in love with Amber Rose, and the rapper ditched the brutal part of his lifestyle for warmth and love. He even joined Amber Rose on her Slut Walk, causing fans to mock him. “You are now a simp,” some told him, shaming him for ditching his street credibility.
But 21 Savage is no longer interested in that kind of life.

Posting on his Instagram on his birthday, the rapper made this known to all of his fans–that he is now a changed person. “Bitter sweet day. Every birthday is another year I’m alive and another year  my right handman gone,” he said, adding, “Only if y’all knew the feeling … and y’all talk about street cred. Fuck da street. I’m glad I’m a rapper I ain’t gotta shoot and look over my shoulder no [more].”

And he means it.

From the video recorded on their birthday, folks could easily see how smitten this young man is by the 34-year-old woman, how dedicated he is to her, and why he continues to endure all the criticism from disappointed fans.

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