Hot Beef!: Kanye West Comes Hard At Wiz Khalifa In Fresh Battle

Ehn Ehn, my people, this is another hot fight. This 2016 ehn, only God will save us. Kanye whose album is about to drop in 2 weeks, changed the title of the album from swish to waves. Apparently this angered wiz kalifah as he said Kanye West Stole that name from one of his favourite artists and its not right. See his tweets below:

The Wiz Khalifa tweeted this tweet

This must have driven Kanye Mad as he taught Wiz was calling out his wife’s initials.

Kanye replied rudely to it though and Khalifa replied:

Apparently, through his tweets, he made it very clear that he wasnt okay with Kanye West stealing that title and using it. Then BOOM! Kanye fired at him!

He didnt stop there, he shaded Amber Rose too:

Then he continues:

Then he further went on to thank Wiz for further promoting his album

Then he finished on a cool tone:

Wow! Cant wait to see Wiz Khalifa Reply.

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