Muslim Woman Beheads Toddler, Waves the Head on the Street Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’

She is said to have shouted “I’m a terrorist” while wandering the streets holding the head for around an hour before police arrested her. Reports in Russia claim the 39-year-old woman shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ as she was held this morning.

The woman was seen carrying the head near Oktyabrskoye Pole metro station in the Russian capital this morning. Eye-witnesses claimed the woman was threatening to blow herself up at the scene but police said the woman had no explosives on her person, Mirror reports. The metro station was searched for explosives but given the all-clear by specialist officers a short time later.

The girl’s headless body was found at the scene of a fire in a block of flats near the metro station.
It is believed the woman was babysitting the child and waited for her parents to leave with their older child before the horror unfolded. Yulia Ivanova, an official spokesperson for Moscow’s Interior Ministry, said: “(The suspect) had waited until the parents left with the older child, and for unknown reasons committed murder of the child, set the apartment on fire and left the scene of the crime.”

The woman has since been charged with murder and is undergoing psychiatric testing. The girl’s mother was taken to hospital after collapsing when she heard the news.

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