Single lady tells Teekay how a man deceived her on facebook…

Question (Anonymous):
I met dis guy on Facebook who’s based in South Africa and he always sends me picture before he got a visa for me to visit him in South Africa. 
On getting there, the picture d guy used to send to me was different from what I saw, when I met face-face with him. Each time I tell him I want to go he always pleaded with me to stay that people will laugh at him. 
Now I have decided to stay just to work and make living for my poor mother but every time I work I used to provide for him. Now I have a baby for him but my problem is I don’t love him and am tired of pretending. No love no happiness sometimes I feel like killing him. Please what do I do?
This is a very tricky one. You have been with a fake person for as long as even having a baby for him and now you think you are tired of living with him.
My dear, you need to be happy. Tell him you need to go and see your Mother in Nigeria, work your flight ticket and as soon as you land in Nigeria (with your baby of course), let that be the last time you will travel to South Africa again.
When you get back to Nigeria, keep in touch with him and let him have contact with his child but let him know that you are not happy with him for deceiving you in the first place.
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