He Wants To Dump Me After Three Abortions

So guys can be this wicked or was I a fool? After destroying the lives of different ladies, they settle down with almost the best. My boyfriend is contemplating ending our six-years-old relationship. He hasn’t been able to come up with a reasonable excuse but quoted his pastor, and I’m 100% certain it is due to the three pregnancies I or we aborted when we were undergraduates.

Of course, I had complications after the third abortion that almost took my life and since then we’ve been having protected sex. He has introduced me to his family and vice-versa but he hasn’t proposed to me. He told me he can’t continue with the relationship because we are not meant for each other. He said his pastor told him I’m not his wife and our marriage won’t be fruitful but the pastor didn’t see it in his vision that I have once aborted three times for him. We are still on the issue and I have let him realize he can’t walk out my life just like that! He said his mind is made up besides he has given his life to Christ and he wants a new beginning. A new beginning after destroying my future!

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