I HangOut With Thieves And I Am Not Sure What To Do

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imagesGood evening Bro. I really love what you are doing, and I commend you a lot. My issue is quite different from all the ones I have been seeing on your site though. I have these clique of friends whom I have been walking with since I was a child. We grew together and were practically inseparable. To cut all the stories short, my friends are now very deep into armed robbery cause they couldn’t get admission into Uni, while I entered a Private Uni in Nigeria. What should I do. Should I keep moving with them, so I can change them back or RUN? Thanks in advance for your answer.


Don’t run at all but find someone you can confide in more like a counselor and talk to him or her. If you run, you put yourself at a risk of getting killed.

Talk to a counselor (I didn’t say go to a police station oh)


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