Should I Give him My Virginity? Am Under Pressure…

my husband left me for another womanQuestion (Anonymous):

I have dated my BF for 1 year now. He introduced me to his family and i also did same. He is doing his youth service now and i just gained admission. The problem now is that he is asking 4 sex. I am a virgin but I did not tell him. I don’t know if i should do it or not. And this guy loves me so much. Mind you, am just 19 year old. Pls Teekay help a sis from another mother. Sorry for the long write up. Thanks a lot.


Hi sister from another mother – the simple answer is NO! NO!! NO!!!.

Don’t succumb to pressure to lose your virginity especially from someone who you are not betrothed to be married to.

You can lose your virginity at any time you want to but after you lose it, you can never (NEVER) get it back so take your time.

You have most girls don’t have so cherish cos you’re special.

If he truly loves you, he will wait for you and if he leaves, he was never really meant for you.

Sometimes we lose something so that better things can come our way. Don’t worry about the people that didn’t make it to your future, there’s a reason they didn’t make it there. Don’t force it.

Bottom Line: Keep your Virginity (Till Marriage is advised)

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